Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday – Meeting the challenges of a changing workplace

Searching the internet for succession planning and skill loss you’ll find over 100,000 hits.  As described in the Harvard Business Review “Every talent management process in use today was developed half a century ago.  It’s time for a new model”

So, how can the potential biggest risk to business be mitigated in today’s fast paced quick turnover society.  It’s a combination of strategic planning and the deployment of effective software solutions.

Although the aim of many corporations is to de-skill the process.  Perhaps the aim should be to capture and understand the full potential of our workforces.

The new corporate landscape involves skills matrices, visual management in abundance. But the question is at what cost to administer and how effective is the output.

A job half done may as well not be done, after the employee has hung up their overalls and walked off into retirement.

Unless of course they are redeployed on a consultancy basis to plug the gap that should never have happened.



Mark Burton