Is your business benefiting from mandatory training?


Training within a business is an attractive benefit, especially to ambitious employees, but how can this become a benefit to the employer?

There are many categories for training that benefit both the company and employees alike, including:

  • Higher quality standards.
  • Cross skilled workforce.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Response to change.

Naturally, with these improvements comes greater customer satisfaction, profitability and, usually, a reduction in staff turnover.

Good training has also proved to reduce accidents and insufficiencies in the workplace.

Mandatory Training has, until recently, been seen as only being a requirement for the healthcare and social care industries where statutory training (training required by law) is a must.

Companies are now seeing Mandatory Training as a benefit starting as early as an employee’s induction.

What should mandatory training include?

Usually you would include activities such as manual handling, fire safety awareness and general awareness of risk assessments in the workplace.

Mandatory Training could also apply to knowledge of procedures before operating a machine or piece of equipment on a shopfloor including the correct PPE etc.

How can Skills Master Pro help.

Major Oak Software have created a framework specifically dealing with Mandatory Training.

Mandatory Training is added to a skill which, when applied to an employee, automatically shows where the training is required and whom the default provider is.

When updates or refreshers are due Skills Master Pro will keep you up to date.

If you need help or would like a live webinar where you can see the solution in action and your questions can be answered by our knowledgeable staff, then please get in touch via our website. Skills Master Pro